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I suck so much. I haven't updated in ages and people have commented on fic like MONTHS ago and I never responded. Sorry gang. I'm still alive and still poking around the internet. Just not as much on LJ anymore, although I still love LJ. I'll never get rid of this journal, but I keep getting distracted with other shiny things. If you commented on a fic like SEVEN MONTHS AGO. Thank you. I really appreciate the comment. Sorry I fail at responding.
Someday I'll have something more exciting to write than the "I'm still alive" posts every few months, but for the moment... um, I'm still alive.
Still alive!

Despite my best efforts, I've gotten utterly hooked on White Collar. All I need is another fandom, but it's so addicting!

Sadly Supernatural has been really disappointing me this season. I'm still in it for the long haul, but I no longer race to my tv to watch it live. Now it sits on my DVR until I get around to watching it.

I'm hopelessly behind on my flist so forgive me if you posted something amazing and I didn't comment on it. I've been living an internet-lite kinda life and when I finally got on LJ I couldn't hit "back 20" enough times to catch up.
I keep getting Russian spam botted. Such fun!

Life continues to be insanely busy which is why I'm so quiet. I used to be able to at least lurk, but now even that has become a luxery I can't afford. The good news is being busy is GREAT. Because I freelance, any time I can work steadily is awesome. Other months will be super slow and I'll be living off of what I make now.

Aparently Supernatural is coming back next week. Is it weird that I'm not that excited? I heard it was coming back and my first reaction was "so soon?" But I think that's because I was sucked into summer programming (White Collar, I blame you.) and I was looking forward to a couple of weeks with no new tv so I could go through my backlogged dvr and catch up.

Hopefully the new season will be awesome even without Kripke. You can do it Supernatural! Be awesome!

How have you guys been?

Jul. 8th, 2010

Dear World,

Who turned the heat on? Now I know that I spent all winter bitching and moaning and saying how I miss the sun but I changed my mind, it's too hot to function.

I take cold showers. COLD SHOWERS. Seriously, that's how hot it is.

How's the world treating you?

Criminal Minds

I'm starting to see why there's so much porn written for Criminal Minds. I was watching an episode today where the bad guy orders Reid to sit on the ground and he IMMEDIATELY kneels with absolutely no hesitation. Then Rossi (I think it's Rossi anyway. There's a couple characters that disappeared over various seasons and were replaced by clones and I can't tell who is who.) is told to sit in a chair and he confidently sits there with Reid kneeling at his feet CRYING. I mean it read like an over-zealous bdsm fic! Rossi even played the part of the casually cruel lover (okay technically "boss") to befriend the villain. There was all sorts of crying and kicking and eventual shooting of bad guys. Then later appologies about hurting Reid and Reid insisting that it's nothing, he's used to it. (Granted he's used to it because he got the crap beaten out of him as a child progedy in a public high school but STILL!)

Then another episode has hot-ass Morgan threatening to spank Garcia and Reid insisting he's all talk, so Morgan smacks the back of his head to indicate he is indeed NOT all talk.


Seriously people, I understand the porn now!

Don't worry I still mostly enjoy my porn in the Dark Angel or Supernatural varieties, but I'm starting to branch out into White Collar and Criminal Minds. New shiny fandoms! I'm not abandoning Supernatural, but I am making new friends as it's on hiatus.

White Collar is back on air July 13th! Check it out!
I have a cold. It's not a BAD cold... just an annoying cold. I'm that person who sneezes loudly on the subway as everyone looks on in horror. Don't worry though, I sneeze violently into my elbow instead of SOME people who like to spray the whole subway with their sicky germs. I'm also fun and mucussy. Who doesn't love a girl who has stock in kleenox? I'm so sexy right now. And my throat is just sore enough to be irritating. It doesn't HURT and it doesn't give me a sexy diva voice... it's just enough of a scratch so I NOTICE it.

All in all, it could be a lot worse. I'm sick enough to be mildly irritated, but not sick enough to take any time off.

In other news, my apartment is currently an honorary hotel. In the past month there have been exactly ten days when someone has NOT been sleeping in our living room. My little introverted self is ready to burst. I need living room back! I need to be able to wake up in the morning and not tip-toe around sleeping people! I need to be able to go to sleep at night and not have to remind guests and roommates that I have to be up at 4am, so quiet is appreciated.

Sorry I've been silent on the flist front. I have been reading! It's just been quick reading before crashing into bed. I still love you all. I'm just loving you all quietly.

And thus concludes my monthly "I'm not dead yet" post. Yay!
Dear hormones, shut up. These irrational feelings are simply due to a hormonal uprising and I'm logically aware of that, but I do not like it! Commercials shouldn't make me cry and I shouldn't get unproportionally irritated when people get too full of themselves on the internet. It's the internet. Of COURSE there are gonna be stupid people.

In other news, I'm still alive. Yay!

In other, OTHER news, SciFi is currently having a marathon of "The Sentinel." People, this was my first slashy fandom. Before "The Sentinel" I had a love of "Les Miserables" (more novel than musical, but I was a fan of both) and I knew I loved how the students were all like "brothers" and how Grantaire really admired Enjolras but it didn't click that "hey, gay sex would totally be appropriate here!"

So far I've rewatched part of one episode and I'm apalled by the badness. Surely it wasn't all that bad? I have fond memories of this show. ...or maybe I'm just thinking of the fanfic.

Anyone else re-discover an early fandom only to find that the show is BAAAAAD? I can't be the only one!
Valentines Day. I'm not usually Mopey McMoperson and it's not like I sat around the house all day going "poor single me." Today was a lame day for me though. I feel this huge urge to clean my apartment ala Mommy Dearest. I'm talking about hands and knees, scrubbing out the tub and informing my roommates that I'm not angry at THEM, I'm angry at all the dirty dishes they leave in the sink and the fact that the living room smells gross because one roommate is like Linus with her comforter that doesn't have a duvet cover and she never washes it and it's GROSS AND SMELLY and why god, why is it in the living room?!

Ah hem.

But instead I'm hiding in my room trying to avoid the stinkiness that's waffing under my door and trying to block out the sounds of the romantic comedy they're watching all so I can go to bed early.

I hope you all had a lovely day. I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on my flist even if it was because I was hiding from the smelliness of the rest of the apartment.
It's now time for my obliquatory "I'm alive!" post.

The new year is... well not so fabulous at the moment. I'm working my ass off to pay bills and I got ripped off awhile ago and I'm still paying for THAT, so basically this is my monthly post to go "hi! I love you guys! I'm alive! I'm still not writing." Sorry.

I am pleased that I have a dvr at the moment though and there are lots of awesome tv shows on. I'm watching Castle, White Collar, Leverage, Supernatural, Fringe, and Bones. I've never watched this much tv at once. It's only because of dvrs and hulu that I can actually watch all this. I don't know if I'll be able to continue to watch them all as things get busier. But I do love my shows. :)

Dec. 6th, 2009

I got snowflake cookies! Thank you anonomous and deadbeat_nymph! I never get LJ gifts so it was a great surprise today. I've seen a lot of flisters with these cookies too. What provoked the outpouring of cookie love? I adore it!

We had our first snow yesterday! Techncially it was snow and rain all at the same time, but it was my first snowfall in a place that I now live. I've visited places that snow before, but never lived there.

Life continues to be crazy but good. It's still a lot of chaos. I'm sort of missing having a routine. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I'll try to update more frequently!

Nov. 24th, 2009

Anyone ever get the impulse to randomly break out into dance on the subway? Every once in awhile while I have my ipod in and everyone is so obviously bored I want to jump up and recreate a Gap commercial. In my head this is awesome. In actuality it would proably get me arrested.

In other news it's 11:30pm and I'm WIDE AWAKE! I don't even know! I woke up at 6am to do a catering gig and I've been running around all day and then I came home, ate dinner, watched So You Think You Can Dance and now I'm AWAKE. It's like someone slipped me a coffee or something.

It's sort of hard to fall into a sleeping schedule at the moment since I have no stability. I've been able to find some work but it's always last minute type stuff where I never know if I'm gonna get called in at 2pm or if I have to wake up at 4:30am to get somewhere by 6am. Weirdness.

Someone also recorded a podcast of bertee's Hell's Antiques Are NOT Sex Toys. I've never listened to a podcast before. I don't really like books-on-tape because I so clearly hear the characters voices in my head. This podcasting thing is apparently very popular though! I can see why! It'd be very convienant on the subway to fill the time. It is sort of surreal though since I'm an actor and I'm used to saying other people's words so it's startling to hear someone else reading MY words. It's wacky! Anyway if you'd like to download the podcast and give her lots of awesome feedback, it can be found here.

Nov. 22nd, 2009

Guess who has a fun new virus on their desktop? It's me! It's me!

Yep. I got infected by a trojan. I blame FF.net. I was happily googling h/c fic on delicious which was sending me to FF.net and then DEATH happened and now my poor computer needs comfort. *pets* Luckily I have a really cheap, tiny net book so I'm not utterly cut off from the net, just MOSTLY cut off from the net.

In other news, the job I applied for didn't work out. I said "I have no experience waitressing," I worked a shift for no pay, and then she was SURPRISED I had no experience waitressing and decided she wanted people with more experience. Um. I told you that when you interviewed me. You're not allowed to be surprised later. You should be impressed that I handled a very intense shift (even by her standards) and ONLY screwed up a few times. Oh well.

I do have some other possible work things lined up. Worst case senario I'll do a temp agency. I just really don't want to get stuck doing office work. I've done office work. It's a little soul sucking.

And that's my life for the past few months. Lots of craziness, work-finding, computer breaking, and fun moving... again. Oh stability, how I miss you.

Sep. 23rd, 2009

*facepalm* My British friends, people from Texas absolutely, positively do not call their mother's "mum." They call their mom's "mom, momma, mama" or "ma." Never, ever "mum." I started reading an absolutely FABULOUS story the other day that was just wonderful... except Jensen kept saying "mum" and it drives me crazy. It takes me out of the story and I have to turn on my inner American spell-checker and I start reading things to myself with weird emphasises as I mentally fix things. "Jensen called his MOM before bed." "His MOM wore a pink dress." "Jensen missed his MOM." Blah.

I actually stopped reading a fic with a great summary because the second sentence was already full of "mums" and I just couldn't do it.

It's such a tiny thing! One little letter! Please, please, fix that. I bet you'd be irritated if Harry Potter missed his MOM. It's just jarring...

And that concludes my utterly random judgemental post of the day.

Sep. 17th, 2009

Apple cider is DELICIOUS. Especially when you have one of those trendy freezable cups that makes the alcohol extra cold. I had two tonight. I'm delightfully toasty. I wish I had discovered apple cider earlier. I think my European drinking experiance would have been a lot more enjoyable if I asked for more cider and less yucky beer.

SPN 5.02 has allowed me to forgive Supernatural for 5.01. I wasn't a fan of 5.01, but 5.02 was great.

M&Ms are also great. I thought you should know.

And despite rumours to the contrary, I still exist. Real life just continues to be busy. I promise, I will write again someday... just not today. Today was for drinking and ignoring work that needs to get done before tomorrow.

Sep. 10th, 2009

Maybe I'm just tired or something because I was seriously underwhelmed by both the Leverage season finale and the Supernatural season premiere. I WANT to be squeeing with everyone else but instead I'm just sort of disappointed. Where's my fun train? I want to get on!

ETA: There are spoilers for the Leverage finale and Supernatural premiere in the comments.